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Mental Health Services NZ


We at Ballsy are a NZ brand with heritage connections to the Pacific that is simply here to help raise awareness around mental health (particularly for Men). We are not a mental health service and we are not a team of professional mental health clinicians.

We are a incredibly passionate brand with a goal to raise awareness for mental health, to normalise these sorts of conversations, to encourage those to speak up and seek the support and help they need.

Garments are our unique way of starting conversations around these issues.

As humans we all experience some degree of mental health during our lifetime due to various contributing factors. Some of us can acknowledge and understand our emotions while others struggle.

Through education and awareness we can start to normalise these conversations.

We are all in this together, so please, if you are experiencing any of the below feelings or emotions then please scroll down and access one of the many mental health support services available here in NZ. However, if it is an emergency and you think your or someone else is at risk dial 111 immediately.


    Depression flat/low mood, low self esteem, social isolation, tearful

    Anxiety worrying, panic attacks, OCD tendencies

    Personality Disorders out of character behaviour, erratic/reckless behaviours

    Eating disorders Bulimia, Anorexia, body dysmorphia

    Psychosis visual and/or auditory hallucinations, impaired thoughts resulting in loss of contact with external reality

    Self harming behaviours alcohol and drug abuse, cutting, burning

    Suicidal thoughts overpowering thoughts of not wanting to be alive, intent or previous attempts of ending your life




      Free Call or text 24/7


       The Depression Helpline

      0800 111 757


      0800 611 116


      0800 543 354


      0800 726 666


      0800 376 633

      Alcohol Drug Helpline

      0800 787 797






      Online resources and an interactive website for anxiety and depression (also includes direct txt and email support)

      An interactive website that focuses on helping rugby players manage their mental health when things get tough.

      Online self help programme "my journal" which helps build techniques and skills to manage mild to moderate anxiety and depression.

      An NZ self testing app created to help kiwis cope through the stressors of Covid - 19.


      If it is an emergency and you feel like you or someone else is at risk, call 111 immediately.